My [everchanging] Bucket List

Bangkok, Thailand. One location I was lucky enough to be able to cross off my list.

Bangkok, Thailand. One location I was lucky enough to be able to cross off my list.

If anyone asked me what my absolute travel bucket list is, one that I could never change, I’d be stumped. There are too many places I want to see and it changes constantly. Ten years ago I had no desire to travel to France, now, after trying to get a trip together for over 3 years, I can’t wait to go this spring. I usually don’t work off any list when planning travel, trips often come about organically, like last year’s jaunt to Iceland, which happened thanks in part to WOW Airlines dirt-cheap fares. Or my trip to Thailand and Vietnam, that evolved from discussing a trip to the UK. Honestly, when I look back, my trips often happen for one of two reasons – I find a cool location that is budget friendly, or it is a birthday trip.

Well, since it is the beginning of 2016… what are my top 10 on today’s bucket list? (not in any particular order)

  1. France – Paris and Provence. This one gets top billing since it’s happening.
  2. Amsterdam – It’s always been a contender, my wish is to live on a houseboat while there, and continue on with a bike/barge tour.
  3. Europe for the Christmas Holidays – Germany, Austria, Switzerland, something that is quintessentially Christmas, complete with Christmas markets and good chocolate.
  4. Florence, Italy – I want to get back here, next time for a month or so. This city charmed the pants off of me and dream of living there. ✓
  5. The Amalfi Coast – perhaps this will be a side trip while I am staying in Florence
  6.  Belize – Excellent snorkeling & jungle adventures, it’s gotta be good.
  7. Montreal/Quebec City – another that I should be able to cross off this year. ✓
  8. Australia/New Zealand – some day I will be able to face another long-haul flight
  9. Grand Tetons/Yellowstone – besides brief business trip to Montana, I have not been in that part of the country to explore.
  10. Cuba – Hope to get there sooner than later before the rush of American tourists change the landscape.

Where do you hope to go?






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  2. Marie

    I’m with you on Amsterdam, Belize, Cuba. I’ve been to Australia though round not object to going back! All of your Europe destinations sound fabulous!

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